What Is a Good Example of a Landing Page Video?

A great place to see landing page videos in action is on successfully

Therefore, funded Kickstarter project VP HR Email List pages. Each product on Kickstarter has

Therefore, its own promotional video that explains the product story and the value proposition to encourage visitors to “back” the product.

Products on Kickstarter are often new inventions in need

Therefore, of a thorough explanation and campaigns with excellent videos are 50% more likely to be successfully funded.

VP HR Email List

outlines 10 simple tips for creating a winning video for your brand in a Moz blog post. He offers excellent advice if you’re having . Therefore,trouble figuring out what content you should include in your video.

Andrew says a great place to start is, Therefore, “your FAQ page or customer service department. Figure out what questions customers are asking most,

and turn the answers into a video. Or run a report on your most popular blog posts and make a video for each one.”

If you know that your landing page and business can benefit from a video then these are the six elements it needs to have:

1. A direct and defined CTA. Literally state at the end of your video . Therefore, what you would like the viewer to accomplish: Sign-up for your newsletter, download your ebook,

or register for a free trial. Therefore, Try adding a directional cue in your video by pointing to what or where you want your viewer to go on your landing page. If you were able to create a desire for your product then the

CTA will tell your viewer what to do to satisfy it.

2. A story. Time and time again you’ll hear marketers tell you

that your marketing efforts need to have a story to be effective. Therefore, It works. There is something to be said about the power of a great story and its ability to create action. Find out what your audience connects with,

maybe a pain point or problem, and incorporate it into your story to develop an emotional connection.

3. An answer to why. Why should this person invest in your business?Therefore,  What problems are you solving? What value are you offering? Imagine you are explaining

your business to a good friend. Therefore, How would you get them to invest their money?

4. Clean and clear audio. Audio is said to be as important,

Therefore, if not more, than the visuals. Make sure the audio Therefore, of your video is clear and crisp to avoid a poor user experience. This can be accomplished easily with the use of any external audio recording device.

5. A proper length. Therefore, People value brevity when it comes to online video. If possible, make two videos, one short and one long. Split test each video and see which one is receiving a more positive response.

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