What Is An Http 404 Error

When you enter a URL or click on a link, you generate this conversation. When entering the page, there is a series of data that contains information about how the site is working. If it doesn’t load or if there are errors , the dreaded 404 page not found error is presented. And what does each of the numbers in “404” mean? Learn to detect and solve them The first four means that the web address is not available or does not exist Zero indicates a spelling error And the last four refers to unauthorized access You often refresh the page and sometimes it turns out that the error was just a false alarm. But you may need to make some adjustments to your site if the error continues to appear.

And the consequences of having 404 errors on my website…? Every problem of this type “brings tail”. Here are some factors to consider. It is clear that a piece of content, whether it is a product file or an article on the blog of that e-commerce. That presents an error that prevents the user from resolving their search (or purchase) intention. Google will not like it at all. If this error occurs for a few minutes and you fix it quickly, you probably won’t notice any consequences. But if you don’t notice it and it persists for hours, days or even for a while, expect the worst. ” No result, no SEO “. Free Download: SEO Checklist Do you want to rank high in search results? Get access to our free search engine optimization checklist.

You Will Lose Organic Positions

You will lose sales (in favor of the competition). For all of us who Russia whatsapp number list have online stores, it is likely. That what hurts us the most is that a potential customer is going. To buy what they need from the competition . And it hurts even more when you know that he entered your website first. But since he presented an http 404 error of this type. He had no other option than to go to another ecommerce to buy it. Get your batteries, you’re stopping gaining customers! How to detect an http 404 error? If you have your online store with Shopify, you can choose to install an application like ” Redirectify “. Its function is to detect when we have 404 errors on our website, continuously monitoring that all the URLs that make up our business are in order (code 200).

Russia whatsapp number list

It can even suggest to you which other URL with similar content to redirect those pages that present this error. You can make this decision permanently (when a product is discontinued and you will no longer have it available) or momentarily , while you fix a specific error. How to act before a 404 error in your Shopify online store? The first thing you should know is that there is a template created especially for these situations, so you should not worry about how your site will look: 404 cash The 404.liquid template is responsible for showing that there is a page not found.

The Seo Of That Page Will Fall Hopelessly

Since you don’t want to lose potential customers , you need to include links to one of your similar product pages or to the homepage. HTTP error 404 If you know that this error is going to occur because a specific product has been removed, it is time to include links to substitute products within this page. LET’S PUT AN EXAMPLE: Let’s say your product X has been discontinued, but you have a fairly similar one at a similar price and meeting the same needs . For people who come in looking for that product X, it will be an unpleasant surprise to see that it is no longer available. But when they find a similar one, they will be interested and probably visit the page of the new product to see if it meets their requirements. In summary, by including the 404.

liquid template you will be able to personalize your page by adding a message created especially to apologize for the inconvenience presented to the client, provide personalized options and/or direct him to the ‘homepage’. To add this template, you need to go to your template editor and insert the following somewhere in the HTML Apps responsible for solving a 404 error in your ecommerce In our app store you can find two excellent applications that will help you with the inconveniences generated by the 404 error: Traffic Control This app is responsible for creating redirects for your store, in an easy and understandable way. You can fix bulk 404 errors and provide you with solutions related to the shopping cart . You can see all your existing redirects through reports provided by their support team.


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