What is the difference between primary Saudi Arabia Mobile Number

Of course, if we have a lot of process data. We can further disassemble the revenue model and understand the source of revenue in more detail. The dismantling method of each industry is different. And it needs to be carried out according to its own business characteristics (as shown in the figure below).

The cost depends on the Saudi Arabia Mobile Number cost structure. For example, the manufacturing production line is very large and the cost is very heavy, usually including: raw material cost, warehousing cost, logistics cost, R&D design cost, production cost, plant water and electricity and a series of costs. The consumer goods industry is relatively inexpensive, and its products can be directly outsourced to manufacturing plants. Responsible for brand building and marketing.

 Intermediate business analysis

Note that the cost part not only depends on the structure, but also on the benchmark volume, which is convenient for cost control. For example, in the production Saudi Arabia Mobile Number process of the manufacturing industry, according to the product design material requirements, the technical department can set standard production costs, and standardize the standard materials and standard labor for each product, so that through comparison, you can find out which link has a problem.

All of the above are adding analytical indicators. The analysis dimension can also be. For example, it is common: different regions, Saudi Arabia Mobile Number different channels, and different products have different revenue cost situations. Regions, channels, and product lines can be used as analysis dimensions for comparative analysis.

Advanced business analysis

Saudi Arabia mobile number
Saudi Arabia mobile number

I see raw material costs go up, so what? So it’s because the whole market is on the rise, or our Saudi Arabia Mobile Number procurement plan is unreasonable, or our suppliers are not good, and we still can’t explain it. Complex business problems require the construction of reasonable analytical logic to answer them.

Therefore, if you want to do a good job in intermediate analysis, you must clearly list the problem situation, occurrence logic, and data arguments of each problem, so as to achieve the effect of “convincing people with numbers” and avoid getting into quarrels.

By Saudi Arabia Mobile Number eliminating external factors, we can focus on internal actions without distraction.


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