What should I do if I don’t have a sense Henan Mobile Phone Number of accomplishment in new media operations in a B-end start-up company?

What counts as a good interaction design. Answering vaguely, it can be said that a design that meets Henan Mobile Phone Number the neds of user behavior is a good design; more specifically.it is a design that conforms to the principles Henan Mobile Phone Number of usability,

that is, easy to use, easy to learn, efficient. Fault-tolerant, and so on. Of course, these answers are all correct, but the former is too abstract to be use. In design practice, while the latter proposes a lot of principles and concepts, not a set of strict logic. This kind of thinking is loose

To Answer This

Yes, there are bound to be loopholes. To answer this question, you can first divide interaction design Henan Mobile Phone Number into several layers. As we all know. User experience can be divide into five elements: strategy layer scope layer, structure layer,

framework layer, presentation layer. The interaction design spans the last three layers of the user experience, namely the structural layer. The framework layer and the presentation layer. Interaction design at the structural level. Because it is closer to the scope layer, the starting point of its thinking tends to consider more business things. And in fact, there is.

And Good Interaction

Henan Mobile Phone Number

The structure of the product is often change. When a new function is launche, and the reason for the change is often from business needs. Not user nees. And good Henan Mobile Phone Number interaction design is to strive for the right to speak for the user’s behavioral logic as much. As possible on the premise that the business logic will not be distorte.

For Henan Mobile Phone Number example, wechat’s circle. Of friends advertisements are much smarter than the method of advertising on the startup page. Since the interaction design at this level is closely relate to business needs, it is hooligan to define good and bad interactions. Separately from specific products, so you can only click and stop. Intereste friends can read my previous. Articles, and there is an analysis of specific products. Interaction design at the framework level

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