What We Learned From 300 Community Building

Since we started Disciple, we’ve helped massive online communities overcome the limitations of large social networks. During this time, we’ve launched more than 100 independent community-building apps that support a wide range of missions in health, recreation, politics, religion, nonprofits, and more. We did learn a lot! So today, we want to share with you the most important insights that continue to shape our journey, which we like to call the passion economy.

Community Building Apps: What Are They?

Community-building apps help bring people together under a common goal or interest. It’s an online space that offers familiar social media features like newsfeeds and instant messaging. The big difference is that you own and control the Ukraine WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists by applying your own branding and choosing the features and functionality that are important to you. Now that we’ve discussed what a community-building app is. Let’s get into our main learning content. In many ways, online communities are digital versions of fan clubs and loyalty programs. Social media gives us a way to expand these audiences a hundredfold, but its greatest strength is also its serious weakness. Smaller communities that cater to niche audiences can offer personalized content and better support. Also, let’s not forget the fact that our social skills are not designed to be best friends with everyone.

#2. Fans come for the product, but stay for the community

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Everyone wants to be part of something, and that means bringing them together in a unique environment driven by a common purpose. People want smaller communities where they can gather with other people who have something in common. After all, getting 5,000 likes on Facebook doesn’t equate to real engagement. They’re just vanity indicators that make people wonder where the real action is taking place. he most successful companies are those that listen to feedback. For example, imagine someone sharing their ideas for a new product or feature with the community.  Community apps give them a place where they can make their materials and training accessible to everyone. One of our clients even saw a 670% return on investment after 18% of community members decided to purchase a premium membership . For e-commerce stores, they’re great for social selling, where people can recommend products and buy directly in the apps


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