When the needs are rejected or even injured, this part will be closed cut off

Closure excision will not only seal the injury, but affect the whole emotional feeling, including the difficulty to detect negative sadness and anger, and it is difficult to believe that someone will give security, trust, acceptance, intimacy, comfort, etc. what is most needed in Kenya Phone Number List early development emotional experience. (2) Children’s emotional venting: Contrary to repression, when it is uncontrollable, children’s reaction to emotions has always been to devote themselves to that moment and emotion, and it is difficult to turn back. Adults usually make them laugh, distract them, or give them a sense of security by hugging them out of these situations.


When we find that our emotions can’t come out

Please do the same to ourselves, not harsh, but understanding. (3) The way of getting along with children: children have no sense of time, “now” needs to be satisfied, the concept of “future” does not exist, “waiting” and making sure that someone will come back is to learn; children lack understanding of language. His understanding, caring for him, words are worse than hugs, holding hands, and body language is more acceptable. When we discover these phenomena, we don’t have to stop or think we shouldn’t. Seek safety from someone you can trust to meet your child’s needs. 2. The possibility of dialogue Wounded children are more sensitive and easy to hide. How can we talk to them? 1 First acknowledge its existence.


Let it know that although it can’t be solved now, It doesn’t matter

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It will be dealt with in the future, let go of the attempt to solve the problem, just admit, accept, and inform. 2 Self-talk with prayer and writing. Thinking back to your own childhood, let me talk about it. Described from the perspective of a third party, a child must sacrifice something to face the situation at that time. He must not be pitiful, wronged, lonely, or helpless, but he must be stoic. You face such a situation. Will the child sympathize and touch his head to comfort him? If you’re really repulsive and your mind goes blank, that’s okay, maybe it’s not time yet, maybe you need someone to help. Psychological counseling therapy can be considered, and what counseling assists is this important part of helping us achieve our goals. 3. Does the inner child still exist after growing up?

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