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Shopify is determined to offer the best possible user experience for the seller. You can dynamically illustrate the interface of your main page thanks to the creation of a slider , from time to time. No limitations on the number of products uploaded, whatever price plan you decide on 6. 24 hours technical support You will be able to say, without fear of being wrong, that you will not feel alone “in the desert” at any time. What happens if during the process of creating your online store if you have doubts…? You’ll always find an agent from Shopify’s support team willing to lend a hand at any time of the day, any day of the year. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 7 days a week. What a calm, right?

You also have the Shopify Community Forum , with questions and solutions from sellers who have surely had the same doubts before. In short, a large community willing to help and cooperate. 7. Adaptation to mobile devices The number of people who browse daily from their mobiles grows every day, so adapting your ecommerce to this type of device is a ‘must’. And Shopify has thought of this too! It has a responsive design, both in all its available templates and in the administration panel. Spanish shopify tutorial Simple and intuitive display of your Shopify store information. In the iPhone app Find the ideal template for your online store among more than 70 options. Shopify has grown so much in these years. That it already has its own mobile application, both for Android and iPhone .

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So, run to your repository and download it for Peru whatsapp number list free! 8. Easy purchase process. The purchase process is one of the most critical and complex phases of web creation. Nothing can go wrong here! Imagine that the customer has arrived at your ecommerce and has chosen the products they want to buy. He decides to finish and pay. But suddenly,… surprise! You find yourself with a complicated payment gateway , or with a final payment screen that is not optimized, cumbersome and that inspires everything but confidence. Can you imagine the end of this story? Your customer will abandon the purchase. And, the worst thing is that he will go to buy that same product from the competition. Shopify places special emphasis on this fact and presents a very simple and intuitive payment process, consisting of 4 steps.

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Trolley Information Shipment Payment what is shopify and how does it work Example of the first step of the purchase process in a Shopify store 9. Extra features to help sell As a seller —as soon as you learn what Shopify is and how it works at a basic level—, you will have access to a series of extra features to optimize the conversion of your store. Possibility of recovering abandoned carts There is a large percentage of users who abandon the purchase process for different reasons. Remind those users who were interested in certain products, that they can resume the purchase process. And, better yet, finishing it is a second chance to rescue your sales. With Shopify this functionality of recovering abandoned shopping carts is just one click away.

What A Nightmare, Right?

Let’s talk SEO You can create an online store with good products and a spectacular design, that if you do not have visitors, it is difficult for you to obtain sales. Having a good organic positioning is of vital importance to get your products and other URLs of your website to the best positions in the search engines. Shopify helps you in everything that has to do with SEO for ecommerce , by optimizing your categories and products with a simple dashboard in which you can complete basic On Page SEO aspects: Page Title meta description urls Headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.) Images. You can edit the ALT attribute of your product images But the thing does not end there. Applications to go ‘further’ with your online store After creating and configuring the store, you can add functionality to your business, thanks to the app repository offered by Shopify.


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