Who Is Shared Hosting Suitable For?

Share hosting is designe as a starting point for new users and small businesses.

For this reason, blogs and small / medium-sized businesses looking for low-cost solutions may prefer shared hosting for sites used only for promotional purposes. In addition, those who do not need to customize the server and do not have much technical knowledge can start with this hosting solution.

Sites with low traffic, novices who have just stepped into the online world, projects that do not require very strong infrastructure features, and websites with small budgets can benefit from shared hosting. If you need more resources and autonomy, it is recommend to go for a more advance solution.

Shared Hosting Alternatives

Although it has some limitations, shared hosting, which is ideal for beginners, may not meet the needs of growing sites over time. The loading times of the site may be affect by increase content and traffic. The most popular solution in this case is; Upgrade Cambodia Phone Number your hosting plan from shared to VPS.

Websites on VPS can interfere with each other in terms of performance. This does not happen in VDS.

VPS is a type of virtual server. Just like shared hosting, all websites are hoste on a single physical server, but with server customization options such as root access and better performance features.

Another type of virtual server, VDS, promises completely isolated, isolated areas where users do not share resources such as RAM, storage, CPU with others. Sites cannot affect each other. It is a far superior hosting option than the two options above in terms of security and performance.

For other hosting alternatives, you can check our article on Web Hosting Types and Hosting Selection .

From Linux to Windows, you can determine the most efficient hosting solution for your website or corporate applications needs with the help of our expert team among our speed and security focused hosting plans powered by the most modern hardware and original software.

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Shared hosting is the most affordable hosting solution for sites, small business websites and blogs that don’t need a lot of resources. It can be define as multiple users sharing the resources of a physical server. With no need to worry about server management, this solution is usually ideal for the beginning of your online journey as your site requires upgrades as it starts to grow.

Choosing the right hosting plan depends on the server resource your website needs, the amount of traffic you anticipate, and what software you plan to run. Therefore, before buying hosting, research the types. What is Shared Hosting? It is recommended to start with the question.

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