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The pricing of products/services also  needs to go through. Also, a complex process and multi-party decision-making influence from various departments of the company before it can finally be implemented. We can view the entire pricing process. Also, as a single shot: first determine Benin Phone Number the approximate range and then  accurately target, then pricing is to first determine the price range from a macro

perspective, and then go deep into the mAlso, sensitive part; therefore, to a certain extent, pricing is a strategy, and the price we set represents the product/service positioning we export to the outside world.

There Are some doubts

Before determining the preliminary pric e  range, we need. Also, to conduct a comprehensive evaluation from the five perspectives of industry background, market research, competitors, product stage, and cost analysis . 1.1 Industry Background. The industry has a large background and pre-determined influence. Also, on positioning and price.

The popularity of products in the entire industry, Benin Phone Number industry tone, and user education all have a macro-level impact on product price and scope. 1.2 Market research When I was studying politics, teachers would say that price refers to the value of a unit of goods or services, and its level is determined by market supply and demand. Aside from theoretical knowledge, after all, it is the customer who ultimately pays for the product.

About The Cost

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Benin Phone Number

So the customer’s needs and  the supply in the market. Also, will inevitably affect the transactricing into two perspectives: market supply  and demand. Also, and customer perceived value. 1.2.1 Market supply and demand.

The relationship between Benin Phone Number supply and demand refers. Also, to the relationship between the supply and demand of commodities under the condition , and it is also the reflection of the relationship between production and,

consumption in the market. In short, most of the demand in the market has stabilized in the short term. As the chart below shows, when production supply increases, demand decreases accordingly. (Photo source Sequoia Hui).

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