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Paraphrasing metaphors metaphor, in english (metaphor). Is an ancient word that means “conversion” in greek. The greek etymology “μετά meta” (between) and. φέρω phero” (with) means “to transfer meaning from one thing to another”.

The modern definition of metaphor Czech Republic Phone Number. Is more profound, changing from a rhetorical device to a cognitive tool. In the 1970s, lakoff and johnson. Define metaphor in metaphors we 1ive by: metaphor is essentially the understanding and experience. Of a certain kind of thing through another kind of thing, and metaphor is the use of things that are familiar in the past.

Process or Means

Recognize and understand the process or means of the new things. We are currently facing.

As can be seen from the definition, metaphor is a means for the purpose of simplifying. Cognition, involving Czech Republic Phone Number at least three objects: first, something new or unfamiliar, that is, the ontology to be known.

Second, the familiar or experience things, that is, the already known metaphor. Third, the subject participating in this process, the observer itself. 2. Metaphor and non-metaphor in. Interface interface metaphor is very common, and there are many studies on it, while non-metaphor on interface is rarely mentione.

Ecessary to Know the

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However, whether it is metaphor or non-metaphor, it is. Necessary to know the difference and characteristics before using it. In user interface design, some scholars put. Forward the concept of metaphor: a familiar term or concept from non-computer field is use to describe.

Moreover functions and objects in user interface Czech Republic Phone Number. Many software products currently use metaphors in their. Interface design, which are calle interface metaphors. Non-metaphor is the complement of metaphor. Which can be define as follows: directly describe the computer functions and objects in the user interface or.

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