Why is it so hard for babies to sleep through the night? Mother’s biological rhythm may affect children’s sleep schedule

When I went back to Taiwan last time, I was fortunate to have a party with a long-lost friend. And my friend who was already a mother also brought her little daughter to the place where we ate. OMG! She is really small, I was surprised. And the little princess seemed to feel the sight of a strange uncle. And she also woke up from that beautiful dream. Fortunately, I didn’t cry. The little princess was stunned. When her friend went to comfort her. Wu Liushuiling’s eyes were half-mooned, and the corners of her mouth rose sweetly. The smile of her friend and the little princess, the mother and daughter. looked at each other, it was so natural, Charming and incredible. After a while, the little princess fell asleep again in her mother’s arms.

Especially for novice parents who are welcoming their baby

for the first time, if the baby does not sleep well, how many times will you. Even if you love your baby very much, still want to crash into the wall? It’s really normal for parents to be tired. And being haggard doesn’t mean you don’t love your baby enough. In fact, less than 25% of parents Panama Phone Number are lucky enough to have babies who are born to sleep well. How to make the baby sleep until dawn. There are various schools on the Internet, and this article does not intend to refute them one by one. But simply from the perspective of the biological clock, to talk about how the baby’s sleep time changes, and why there is such a situation The change. In addition, from a purely theoretical point of view, this article will also discuss the impact of breastfeeding time on the baby’s sleep status.

Newborns (within one month of birth) may sleep up to 80%

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of the day. And 1-3 months old baby, the average sleep time is 14-16 hours. If babies spend so much time sleeping. Can new parents be able to breathe in the first month after giving birth and prepare for the long-term war? It is a pity that there is no way, the rhythm of the baby’s biological clock will not have a relatively stable “sleep-wake” cycle until the second month. In other words, the sleep time of newborn babies is mostly sleep-wake-up (for example, every 2-3 hours of sleep will wake up). Let’s look at an example. The picture below is a record of the baby’s “sleep-wake” cycle: from the first day of life until about six months of age.

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