Why Isn’t Social Media Marketing Enough to Maximize Your Reach

We can’t argue with the fact that social media plays a vital role for businesses in terms of growth, sales, and meaningful connections with customers. In fact, 33% of consumers have discovered new brands, products, and services on social networks, according to eMarketer But does the presence of social media eliminate the need to own a website or run a digital or email marketing campaign? not at all! Now you must be wondering why social media is not enough? If not social media platforms, what other options do you have for marketing your business? Let’s find out!


Why shouldn’t social media be your only source of marketing?

Yes, social media does help you gain insight into what your audience is looking for, but the fact remains that its primary purpose is for people to Buy Georgia WhatsApp Numbers socialize with each other from the comfort of their homes, not to do business. Unlike your own website, the content or visuals you post on social media platforms are not protected. This means that anyone can use it without your knowledge or permission, and there is nothing you can do about it.


3. Social media doesn’t guarantee your visibility

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Most businesses pay for their pages or content to be visible to their target audience. What if you’re a startup and can’t afford the expenses? So how will you promote your business? Is your content guaranteed to be visible even if you post regularly? no! But that’s not the case for the other marketing alternatives we discuss further in the article. If you run an e-commerce business, social media might help you get leads, but it doesn’t support it like a website does. For example, if a customer wants to buy something from your page, they will have to wait for your response, and the same process is automated on the website. You can make money while you sleep on the site!


5. Social media ROI is decreasing year by year

Although 77% of marketers use at least one social media platform to promote their business, they are not generating much ROI from it. The reason is that there is fierce competition there! With so many businesses large and small, it can be very challenging to stand out from the crowd. Instead of spending all your time and money just making a difference on social media, take advantage of other options like email marketing, referrals, etc

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