Why learn structured thinking, but Ecuador phone number still can’t communicate?

There will be no more prompts or descriptions, and the. User can only reaching the lyrics interface by memory or habit, this is the combination Ecuador Phone Number of simile and zero simile.

Figure 1: metaphor and non-metaphor 3. Metaphors and cognitive processes cognitive process. Refers to the process of people’s understanding of objective things. To clarify the cognitive process of metaphor. We should first distinguish the objective things in the metaphor.

As mentione above, metaphor. Involves at least three objects: ontology, metaphor and observer.

What the Observer Needs

When the observer observes the metaphor, what the. Observer needs to understand is not the Ecuador Phone Number metaphor itself, but the information implie by the metaphor in order.

To recognize the ontology. Therefore Ecuador Phone Number the information implie by the metaphor can be regarde as a. Hidden object. It can be conclude that ontology, metaphor and information are the. Objective objects of the whole cognitive process. The diversity of the relationship between objective things and people will produce. Different cognitive processes. 3.1 the initial recognition process and the re-recognition process.

Observer’s Cognitive

Ecuador phone number
Ecuador phone number

When the observer encounters an unfamiliar metaphor.

The observer’s cognitive process Ecuador Phone Number is shown in figure 2: first, the observer. Observes or discovers the metaphor, which is the first step in composing   the whole event; then, the observer perceives the information. Implie by the metaphor; then, understand the information; finally,

the cognition of ontology is achieve. According to the understood information. This process can be calle the “initial recognition process. But in fact, most of the interface metaphors have been well known by the general public today when.

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