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Augmented reality and virtual reality are Bulgaria Phone Number often confused, even by marketers. While it is actually very simple. Virtual reality takes you somewhere, this is done by means of a VR Bri. Augmented reality is within reach for almost everyone, because all Bulgaria Phone Number you need is a smartphone. AR brings the world to you via your mobile, so that’s just the opposite of VR. As a content marketer, have you ever thought about using augmented reality? In this article I will take you through the possibilities Bulgaria Phone Number of AR. How does augmented reality work? Above I briefly touched on the difference between VR and AR, but for now we’ll leave virtual reality on the left. The AR technology is very interesting and if you have a new car then you probably know what I’m talking about.

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In relatively new car models you have a nice infotainment system on your dashboard . You know, that big screen. If you Bulgaria Phone Number use the navigation system, it is sometimes a bit of a gamble whether you should take the first street to the right or the second cove. Thanks to augmented reality technology, the car is able to indicate the direction in a Bulgaria Phone Number live image, so that you know exactly which street you need. Source: mercedes-benz.nl Apply AR as a content marketer A study by Vynz Research has shown that by 2025 Bulgaria Phone Number the AR & VR market will reach revenues of $161.1 billion with a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 48.8%! These numbers are already staggering, so at the very least, alarm bells should be ringing now. You have to deal with this.

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If you are not yet completely convinced of the upcoming success of AR, then this blog may still contribute. Apart from the Bulgaria Phone Number promising numbers, there are more benefits. The benefits of augmented reality It ensures more interaction with your target group, because of the rich user experience; AR increases the value of products and brands; Distinctiveness compared to Bulgaria Phone Number competitors; Providing a personalized shopping experience for your users; Low-threshold, because of application on the smartphone; No big investment needed; Ability to Bulgaria Phone Number always show details of products. Consumers are becoming more and more demanding, but millennials and Generation Z have grown up with this digital revolution and will soon know no other way.

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