Why You Need To Build

There are actually three paths you Ghana Phone Number can take from a financial standpoint when it comes to getting backlinks to your website. DIY – You pay absolutely nothing to build links and do all the lead list building, outreach, guest post writing, link bait asset building, Ghana Phone Number skyscraper post writing yourself. You do all the work yourself in one package, and you never pay an admin fee to place a link. Buy Links – You only Ghana Phone Number pay the agency to get backlinks to your website. As with most things in life, the more you pay, the better the results (links).

 Can Be Expensive

Buy Time – You don’t pay for links Ghana Phone Number directly, but for reducing the amount of work involved in link building. This could be generating lead lists for outreach or training a VA to answer HARO Ghana Phone Number queries for you. Building links can be expensive because good links cost a lot of money. Whether you pay directly from the agency (which can also have its downsides), or you pay for tools or training to do link building in-house. That’s Ghana Phone Number why Ballistic Backlinks (you can get $100 off with this link and code 100OFF) courses are perfect for those on a budget.

Ghana Phone Number

I’ve managed to strip the outreach Ghana Phone Number process down to the most basic parts – and using free or very cheap tools , I’ve managed to get incredible results on a very limited budget. In fact, link agencies charge you less than 5 good links – I was able to build over 50 links in less Ghana Phone Number than 12 months. And boost my domain authority, ranking for keywords and traffic in the process. What does Google think about links Traditionally, link Ghana Phone Number building has been one of the most effective ways to get free traffic from search engines and social media.


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