Why Is Multi Funnel Marketing Important

To stay one step ahead of the competition, marketers have been developing new models for decades. Many marketing models, from AIDA and DAGMAR to Moment of Truth and ATRN, have emerged in the past. Today, multi-funnel marketing is the companion of businesses that consider growth as their pole star. With the flow of information and exposure of consumers to different products, brands and services, customers’ decision-making processes are undergoing change daily.

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Marketing teams are also developing new strategies to better understand the customer journey and decision-making process. Why Multi Funnel Marketing Is the Only Option Gone are the dark ages when Iran Phone Number Marketers pushed their products and services to potential customers. Today’s changing customer journey requires an end-to-end, holistic approach that focuses not only on the bottom stage of the funnel but the whole funnel. bugherd-campaign-dan-2022 Digital marketers must now be concerned with how they sell to their customers, not only what they are selling.

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The multi-funnel marketing approach of growth marketing becomes more important than ever before. Because today, it has been realized that growth cannot be considered independently of sustainability. This is not only in terms of environmental factors, but can also be the case in terms of business model. For example, you converted your website visitors into leads and then turned them into happy customers. Well, how sustainable can your growth be if you don’t retain this happy customer and create the right marketing channels to upsell, retain or encourage them to become a brand advocate? Growth marketers’ answer to this question is clear.



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