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Analytics by entering a UA code (tracking ID). But Philippines Phone Number when using YouTube, this is not necessary and your video statistics are already loaded automatically. You can find the Philippines Phone Number video statistics via Google Analytics under ‘Events’. Also good to know: you can display all statistics nicely in dashboards by using Philippines Phone Number Google Datastudio. Handy for your own archive or to present to your team. Statistics dashboard Google Datastudio. Rate videos? Look at your website goals! Videos on your website can do a lot for your brand. But they are always part of the relevant page and ultimately of your entire website. Videos are successful if they contribute enough to your Page objectives.

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The function of website videos Philippines Phone Number may vary depending on the purpose of the page. 2 examples: 1. Goal: more involvement with your brand You may want to mainly inform, inspire or convey an atmosphere on a certain page. Video is an excellent tool for this. This is Philippines Phone Number above all an engagement tool and not an ‘aggressive’ conversion tool. With video you generate engagement with your brand and strengthen your image. The long-term value of this cannot be underestimated. To a certain Philippines Phone Number extent, this value is difficult to measure. This way you don’t know which viewer will come back to you later or recommend you to friends by seeing your video. But you can see an immediate increase in engagement with your brand.

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How If it turns out that the viewers of your video have visited more pages on your site than non-viewers. Assuming that the Philippines Phone Number viewers of the video (in addition to the duration of the video) spent longer on your page or site than non-viewers. These are all Philippines Phone Number indications that the video has generated more engagement, which is closely related to the brand preference of your visitors. And this brand preference is – in the short and long term – important for your conversions. 2. Purpose: (indirect and Philippines Phone Number direct) conversion by engaged viewers Video may be primarily a pathway to more engagement, but that doesn’t mean it can’t deliver fast or instant conversions.

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