WordPress opt-in form: things to consider

And it has become even more present since 2018. when the new GDPR came into force.


But when it comes to opt-in forms. we see a lot of everything. and especially anything.


However. it is an essential step in any strategy for collecting leads on the web.


Therefore. the effectiveness of the opt-in form should not be underestimated.


Here’s how to create one in WordPress. to generate leads in a mess in a few clicks.


Opt-in form: what does the law say?

Until the entry into force of the new version of the GDPR. the notion of user consent was a bit vague.


Aggressive prospecting practices were carried out with complete impunity. often in defiance of consumer freedoms.


But now. there is no longer any question of overriding consent.


Since last year. the user must indeed give Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers his express consent to receive commercial offers by email.


This agreement must obviously be “free and informed”. specifies the RGPD.


The user must therefore know precisely what he is consenting to: offers from the company or competitors. newsletter. etc.


Everything must be clearly specified. so that everyone can be free to choose whether or not they want to give their email address.


You must therefore be as specific as possible in your opt-in form.


Content of a good opt in form


To be in the nails at the level of the regulations. an opt in form must be exhaustive.


The user must know precisely what is being asked of him. otherwise his consent cannot be free and informed.


So be clear in your words. and avoid lengthy sentences that could mislead the visitor.


Use a punchy catchphrase and a good call to action to convert.


As for ways to obtain an email address via an opt-in form. there is no shortage of ideas.


The ideal remains to offer a small gift to the user. who will feel valued and will be more inclined to leave his email.


White paper. eBook. mini training or even marketing quiz. the choice is yours.


However. the registration for the newsletter is widely used for the opt-in form.

Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers

Whichever method you use. always be specific about what you’re offering.


Opt-in form or opt-in page?

You might think it’s the same thing.


However. opt-in form and opt-in page are two different things.


And the difference is very simple.


The opt-in form is most often a form that appears as a popup.


In this case. it is displayed on the user’s current browsing page.


He therefore has the opt-in form containing the value proposition directly in front of him.


He can thus save time when subscribing to the offer or service.


In contrast.popups and other advertising windowsare not always viewed favorably by Google.


It will therefore be necessary to optimize it to perfection to convert without negatively impacting the seo of the site.


As for the opt in page. it is a separate page containing the opt-in form.


In this case. the landing page opens in a new window or a new tab.


The opt-in page offers the user a slightly smoother navigation. insofar as it is not disturbed by a popup window.


On the other hand. it potentially increases the bounce rate of the website.


In terms of user experience and conversion. the two strategies are equal.


Especially since both are easy to create and optimize on a WordPress site.


which plugin to use?

There are many plugins for creating an opt in form in WordPress.


However. my preference goes without hesitation toThrive Leads. which I often talk to you about (click onthis linkto get it).


This plugin allows you to create popup windows with high conversion potential.


Optimized for seo and in responsive design. the popups created by Thrive Leads are also highly customizable.


You will have the choice between many formats to create your opt-in form.


Popup. lightbox. ribbon or sidebar. your form adapts to your WordPress site.


In contrast. Thrive Leads only allows you to create opt-in forms.


If you prefer to create an opt-in landing page. Thrive Architect is for you (click onthis linkto get it).


This plugin ofWordPress landing pageis also very complete and versatile.


It is indeed a powerful drag and drop page editor. allowing you to integrate an opt-in form into a page.


Customization level. you will certainly find what you are looking for among the 322 themes available.


You can also fully customize the content of your page. with a countdown timer or a call-to-action button. for example.



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