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Recently, the company has fallen into some strange circles. Everyone is talking about the company’s future and paying attention to the company’s strategy; some colleagues have just joined the company, and some colleagues have just graduated. The work atmosphere also gradually became Turkey Phone Number weird in these whispers, and everyone began to be anxious. Unfortunately, the object of anxiety is not themselves, but the company.

If you are a company veteran or a senior in the industry, this makes sense; but if you have just graduated, or have just changed careers to start a new career. I think these worries. And complaints are really overwhelmed; there are many reasons, I won’t go into details here.

2. Technical literacy

We often see some questions about whether product managers  to understand technology, or how product managers Turkey Phone Number should communicate with programmers; I also encountere this problem. And was even rejecte by a company because I didn’t understand technical terms. At that time The interviewer who  me gave me a term called “technical literacy.”

After that I starte to take the time to understand technology, to understand what exactly is technical literacy? I checke all Turkey Phone Number the technical terms that I might have communicate with programmers at work on Baidu, and then I  the brain map to organize and study them repeatedly; this really playe a certain role in my communication with developers later. I starte to understand what they were saying and could participate in their discussions about implementation options; but technical literacy didn’t end there, it had a deeper meaning.

Another level of technical literacy I understand is about the grasp of the latest technology

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technology is constantly developing, a new technology is , will it help us optimize the current product. And is it Turkey Phone Number even possible to improve the technology of the current product To bring new breakthroughs. To do this, product managers need to keep an eye on the progress of those core technologies.

For example, the capabilities of WeChat Mini Programs were gradually opened up. At first.Mini Programs could only support APPs to be  with WeChat groups in the form of Mini Programs. Which realizes the low-cost traffic closed loop of “Mini Program-WeChat Group-APP”.

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