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Apps are very popular. Therefore, there will be another. Cognitive process, as shown in figure 3: the Egypt Phone Number  observer observes the metaphor again, and the metaphor. Triggers the observer’s memory in the first place so that the observer directly recognizes the ontology.

This process can be calle the “recognition process. For example: the right side of figure 1 depicts the back button in the. App, the ontology is the “return” function of the system, the metaphor is the “leftward arrow” pattern, and. The information is “backward, backward, return” and other meanings.

Metaphor Again

When the user discovers this button for the first time. He will observe a leftward graph, perceive Egypt Phone Number the meaning of “

leftward”, and then understand that “leftward” really. Means “return”, and finally achieve Egypt Phone Number for the recognition of ontology. This button has the function of. Returning. When this user line is forme into a memory,

if the button is found again, it will immediately. Realize in the first place its return function without re-understanding. In the example, the user has gone through the initial recognition. Process and the re-recognition process successively. Figure 2: initial recognition process figure.

Cognitive Process Can grow

Egypt phone number
Egypt phone number

Recognition process 3.2 challenges face by metaphors. The reason why metaphor can become a mean of cognition is that the above.-mentione cognitive process can be successfully complete. Therefore, the challenges face by metaphors are essentially.

Problems Egypt Phone Number that may exist in the cognitive process. The initial recognition process is very complicate, including observation. Perception, understanding and cognition. If one step is wrong, the entire cognitive. Process will not be complete. Therefore, in the process of initial recognition, metaphors face three major challenges.

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