Written when the product was two Taiwan Phone Number years old: Self-growth is more important than the work itself

In response to this kind of feedback, we should first. Follow user habits or platform rules, such as the right-swipe return rule of mobile devices to educate a large. Number of users and let users formTaiwan Phone Number your app does not have or change such a method. If swiping to the right to open,

it is very likely to cause inconvenience to the user. Secondly. If there are no platform rules to be found or the user has not yet.. Forme a habit, the feedback should be. In line with the user’s common sense or impression of life, so as to reduce the user’s cognitive cost as much as possible.

With New Mediums

This is especially common with new mediums (eg vr, ar). For example, in the collision in the Taiwan Phone Number virtual world, adding vibration feedback will have a completely. Different effect, because the collision in real life will inevitably produce vibration. Another example: the previous page-

turning effect of .e-readers is a visual feedback that imitates real book -turning. And some feedback is not expect by users, such as new interaction methods (common in games) or error. Feedback, etc.,

this easier to understand and learn for this kind of feedback. To give a counter example: in the game.

Hero Displacement

Taiwan phone number
Taiwan phone number

Honor of kings”, the direction of most hero displacement. Skills is consistent with the prompt arrow Taiwan Phone Numbers, which allows players to get starte quickly, but some heroes. Move in the opposite direction of the prompt arrow, and the prompt and feedback are inconsistent. Which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of player operation,

so these Taiwan Phone Numbers heroes are often only commonly. Use by high-level players. In addition, since the unexpected feedback is the information receive. Passively by the user and is often easily ignore,

the accessibility of the information also needs attention. However, the pursuit of accessibility does not mean that users can be disturbed or interrupte.

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