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This underlines the importance of experimenting with this, so that you as an advertiser can be at the forefront of this development. 3. Video advertising continues to grow We watch less and less Nepal Phone Number traditional television, but the use of online video continues to grow at a rapid pace. So you don’t have to be a visionary to realize that online video advertising is also benefiting from this change in consumer behaviour. Although Google Nepal Phone Number still earns a large part of its money today from the well-known search ads, the company now derives a significant part of its revenue growth from You Nepal Phone Number Tube ads. The YouTube acquisition — for which they paid $1.65 billion at the time in 2016 — may have turned out to be the best acquisition in Google’s history.

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Google video search. Image source: Google In addition to changing consumer behaviour, an important driver Nepal Phone Number of this growth is the interweaving of branding and performance . It is very important for advertisers to map out the actual (financial) impact of video advertising in addition to reach, so that they can view it more as Nepal Phone Number part of the total funnel. This poses a number of challenges, especially for companies with a complex customer journey . Not least when it comes to tracking . But the choice is actually simple. It just deserves attention, because video also Nepal Phone Number offers an excellent opportunity to diversify within your online marketing effort. Unlike search ads, there’s a lot more competition when it comes to video. In addition to YouTube, channels such as Facebook.

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Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn can also form an inexhaustible source for getting more return from every online marketing dollar. 4. Live commerce: it’s showtime! In May 2016, Alibaba Nepal Phone Number pioneered Taobao Live . It marked the beginning of a new potential chapter in the way online products are sold. What started as an experiment quickly.  Grew into Nepal Phone Number an increasingly important means of getting people to make a purchase. During Singles Day, Alibaba already realizes many billions of dollars in turnover with the help of live commerce . During online live streams, advertisers combine multiple needs. Users can watch and shop at the same time, as well as enjoy some entertainment. Chinese Nepal Phone Number influencers collaborate with l’oreal. Image source.

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