You Can Easily Set a Budget and Manage Your Transactions

After selecting a freelancer, check their overview and their portfolio. Also, check their work history and feedback to know whether they can do your job well or not.

Once you feel that the freelancer is perfect for your job, you can move on to the next step and hire him/her.

4. Slack
Slack is basically a chat room for your whole company or team. So if you have a team working for you then slack is a very awesome tool.

This tool looks complex but if you use it, you CIO & CTO Email List will find it pretty simple. All the conversations that your team has are divided into channels. Anyone can join the channel and be a part of the conversation.

CIO & CTO Email List

You can also select which channel you want to be a part of. It also has real-time notifications so you can stay updated.

The best feature of this app is the file sharing. You can share files to any member of your team hassle free.

5. Mint
Time management is a waste if your cash-flow is non existent. You may have heard stories of entrepreneurs being broke. To avoid such a situation yourself, Mint is a powerful tool.


This tool will help you manage your money and budget. You can create budgets and control your money.

Some people think managing money from these tools doesn’t help, but that’s probably because many people don’t create a realistic budget.

. To understand Mint and get the most out of it read this guide.

6. Dropbox
I don’t think this tool needs an introduction. Dropbox will help you manage all your files and access them from anywhere.

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