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I’m glad I started writing this from the Peru Phone Number beginning because. It made my online journey very real and authentic and a great way to reflect on what I’ve accomplished. I decided to release my last monthly earnings report in the summer of 2018. While they’re great for tracking Peru Phone Number purposes and akin to writing in a journal, sharing them publicly doesn’t really bring me joy. My goal has always been to track my progress and show others how I do things, and I’ve not only proven that anything is possible. While I no longer write income reports, I do spend time every month reviewing the bookkeeper’s financial statements.

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I also work with my CPA on a monthly Peru Phone Number basis to make sure everything is running smoothly and most importantly, we are paying the IRS the correct amount. In the early days, I filed my own taxes. Between this blog and two of my other brands, Pinterest VA and Diva Peru Phone Number Dog Bakery, there’s so much moving. Having a bookkeeper and a CPA is essential to my business. 2020 Business Income and Expenses As mentioned above, I stop sharing monthly income reports. This will also be the last annual income report I provi because I don’t think they are need anymore. In 2020, I made a little over $840,000.

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I am very happy with this amount! Income comes from the following areas: Products/Courses (this is the highest paying field) Affiliate Marketing Advertisement Income Member community counseling sponsor While I have accomplished a lot, I would also like to pPeru Phone Number oint out that I did not do it alone. I have a great team that can help with many things. This is my annual income report, which includes my blog and digital business Peru Phone Number income over the past twelve months.

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