You Can Open the “Performance” Menu and Click the

5. Fix search indexing problem
indexing errors can affect ranking in search results. To find the error, you can go to the coverage menu then index. In this menu, you can see which pages on your website have been indexed by google and are experiencing errors or getting warnings.


Collecting potential keywords

you can also see what keywords are popular on your website by looking at the “performance” section.


7. Keyword optimization
in addition, you can also identify keywords that have potential and generate traffic and deserve to be optimized.

You can open the “performance” menu and Greece Phone Number click the filter icon and select the “position” filter.


8. Evaluating content

content evaluation you can do is like knowing performance per page in search results.

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You can see the performance per page of the website by going to the performance tab, clicking pages, selecting the website page, clicking the “queries” tab and after that you can find out which keywords are generating impressions for the page.


9. Finding backlink sources
links are an important part of seo optimization. You can find out the performance of external links and internal links of websites with the help of features in this tool

you can go to the “links” menu. Then you can also check the link performance report on external links and internal links.


10. Use fetch as google
fetch as google is a feature that can help you find out how google can crawl (crawl) url rendering on your website.

You can open it by going to index then to coverage and clicking the url you want to check.


google search console selects many uses that can help in developing your website.

You can learn about its features as discussed in this article.

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