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The book cites seven pillars for developing a Australia Phone Number proactive well-being policy. In this article I share a few aspects that have stuck with me to give you an impression of what is possible. 1. Culture and values 40% of the companies have integrity, teamwork Australia Phone Number is on the list at 33% and innovation creativity at 28%. Nice words, but what do they really mean for the organization if you share them with four out of ten other companies? Translating values ​​into behavior is already a good step to generate a good working climate.

The Energy You Get From Australia Phone Number

If you convert the core values ​​into core competencies, these can be included throughout the organization in feedback and onboarding conversations. Tip: Great Place to work’s Culture Audit helps determine if your company has built a strong organizational culture The ABC’s of Well-being Edward Deci and Richard Ryan say that everyone has three basic natural needs . Meeting those basic needs creates an environment in which people can function optimally. These needs are autonomy, involvement and competence.

Australia Phone Number

Energy You Get From Australia Phone Number

Growth Opportunities Don’t be afraid to let juniors participate in the decision-making process and to give employees room to develop. Are you not encouraging this, or are you holding it back? Then you create stagnation within the organization. And remember that knowledge and skills have a limited shelf life. But attitude and fit with the organization remain. 4. Mental Balance Are there team members who need to focus on specific tasks. Such as programming or setting up a strategy? Then a DoorwerkTuesday can offer a solution.

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