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This was a great way for me to look back on Tunisia Phone Number the year and share some highlights. previous annual review If you’re a new blogger and you’re in the early stages of understanding how to monetize your blog, I recommend checking out my first blog earnings report. I made about $60, Tunisia Phone Number which was awesome. While this may not seem like much, it gives me the confidence to continue on this new path for online business. If you haven’t started your blog, my beginner blog post will review tons of ideas and get you started! That year, everything happened.

Potential Savings

I started blogging when I had a tough full-time job, Tunisia Phone Number and ten months later. I was able to break away from my 9-to-5 job and focus on my career. It’s been a wild year! I started with a fresh-faced novice blogger who figured it all out as I went. I ended a year of self-employment, Tunisia Phone Number opened up a new door of opportunity, and used the term Pinterest virtual assistant, and never looked back. In my first year of running my own business, I made more than my day job. In fact, it’s unbelievable that my income has grown so fast every year.

Tunisia Phone Number

You can read my 2020 Year in Review to Tunisia Phone Number see how different my life is from when I started. Tin Hau Dog Bakery From my own experience running a dog bakery and seeing gaps in the baking and Tunisia Phone Number dog fields, I know my course has the potential to help a lot of people. I launched the Diva Dog Bakery course in November 2021 and the response was much higher than I expected. This is definitely a game-changer for my business. I wouldn’t be surprised if the course doubles its revenue this year.

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