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This is how you start a group session. 2. Create a collaborative playlist In addition to creating playlists for yourself, you can Estonia Phone Number also create collaborative playlists. For example, consider a playlist in which all your colleagues can add songs. Or your family, to make Estonia Phone Number a playlist for the car to take on the road. How do you create a collaborative playlist? Click on ‘Library’ at the bottom of your screen. Then choose Estonia Phone Number the playlist you want to create together (or create a new playlist). Click on the three dots in the middle of your screen (‘options’). Scroll down and choose ‘Create together’. Share the playlist with whoever you want. This is how you create a joint playlist. PS If you prefer to keep your playlists to yourself, you can of course also choose ‘Make private’ 2 cups above ‘Make collective.

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Enter exact search query Did you know that, just like in Google, you can search for exact commands in Spotify? For example, think of Estonia Phone Number a genre, year of release, an album, band name or a specific label. For example, you can search for hip-hop songs from the year 2000. Then you type in: ‘genre:hiphop year:2000’. You can also Estonia Phone Number exclude certain ‘things’. For example a year. For example, you can search for ‘year:2000-2010 NOT year:2005’. In addition, the search engine also takes the words ‘and’ and ‘or’. Fun to experiment with. Enter exact search in Spotify. 4. Improve the Estonia Phone Number sound quality It does cost more data, but did you know that you can improve the sound quality of the music in Spotify? By default, the app is set to ‘Automatic. Besides this default option, you can choose.

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High’ or even ‘Very high’. Do you have a Estonia Phone Number subscription with unlimited data use, or are you comfortable at home on the WiFi? Then you can set the sound quality to ‘Very high’ without any problems. How do you do this? Click on the gear to go to ‘settings’. Click on ‘Audio Quality’. Choose ‘Very high’. Improve the sound quality. If you scroll Estonia Phone Number down to these settings, you can also choose ‘Automatically adjust quality’. The sound quality is then automatically adjusted at a low internet speed. 5. Recover Estonia Phone Number Deleted Playlist Have you accidentally deleted a playlist? No note (ha, ha, pun). You can simply restore deleted playlists. This must be done via the web version of Spotify. This is not possible via the app. Go to the Spotify website. Login. Go to your personal account.

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