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Around the function of “message notification”, we. Can think of metaphors such as “bell”, “envelope and “horn”, and after analyzing the user groups. These metaphors are all familiar to them.

However, through interviews,. It was found that in addition to representing  Guatemala Phone Number “message. Notification”, “bell” and “horn” also produce ambiguities such as “volume” and. Ringtone”, so it can be inferred that “envelope” is the best metaphor. 4.4 points to note. First, choose a metaphor.

An Unfamiliar One

That is familiar to the user community or an unfamiliar one. As mentione above, familiar andunfamiliar metaphors generate different cognitive.

Processes for the observer, and each cognitive process has its own problems and advantage. Which nee to be Guatemala Phone Number weighe in the design process. For example, the “home page”

in the navigation bar of netease cloud music uses a strange metaphor .- the metaphor is the logo of the app itself. There are two reasons: first, the mapping. Relationship between logo and homepage is not difficult to understand. Users can establish.

Which Has Positive

Guatemala phone number
Guatemala phone number

Contact after using it once or twice, and the learning. Cost is not high. Second, this approach can  deepen the user’s impression of the logo. Moreover has positive significance for brand communication. Second, Guatemala Phone Number what form of metaphor to choose.

Moreover come in many forms: textures, textures, animations, icons, and more. In the design process. It is easy for us to form a mindset that the form of metaphors only depends on the design of graphic elements. Ignoring the possibility of other forms and limiting our creativity.

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