Your Day Looks Like

Your day starts with a short stand-up with your team. You discuss the priorities and you check whether there are any requests for help. This week you have an introduction to a new lead and you consult with your Sales colleagues about the best strategy to turn this lead into a customer. Later that morning you make a link-building quick scan for one of your China Phone Number List team members and you think about how you can further contribute to the team result.


About Seeders

Seeders is a young and fast-growing online China Phone Number List marketing agency that helps companies in the Netherlands and abroad to build authority in the online domain. We are very strong in Search Engine Marketing (SEO, SEA and link building), but we are also the party in the field of CRO, personalization and email marketing. For more than 11 years we have been helping banks and insurers, top e-commerce companies and SMEs to achieve a strong online position. And that immediately generates more turnover. Our philosophy is that if our customers do well, we do well. That is why we speak clear language and avoid complicated technical jargon.

Chinese Phone Number List

His is what you are looking

An appropriate salary, depending on your China Phone Number List experience;We immediately start saving for your pension;Bootcamp is held every Monday and Wednesday. Enjoy sports, just at our office;30 vacation days (based on 40 hours), to be able to enjoy in addition to hard work;Travel allowance if you live further than 10 km from our office in Zwolle;Room for new initiatives and ideas. We are always open to that. Whether you work with us for a week, month or year;An easily accessible office. We are located right next to the N35 (exit Dokter Spanjaardweg) .

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