Your Customers Consume Mobile More Quickly

[Otherwise known as “What’s In It For Me?”]

As with anything else, you may be wondering VP R&D Email Lists why these numbers matter for marketing.

Or you may be like me, who despises math, and has an aversion to seeing so many numbers.

Either way, I promise this is important, to both you and your company.



VP R&D Email Lists

People consume content on a mobile almost 50% faster than they do viewing it on a desktop.

And when it comes to ads, ad recall on mobile news feed content happens after only 0.25 seconds of exposure.

Therefore, having ads appear on mobile can significantly increase your brand awareness and ROI.

REASON #2: Your Customers Are Continuing To Spend More Time On Mobile

The time Millennials are spending on mobile just continues to increase with every passing year.

In four years, Millennials have almost doubled their time spent on mobiles daily, from 1.78 hours to 3.14 hours.

Global Web Index even laid down the gauntlet by saying that “mobiles are on course to capture more daily time than all other devices put together.”

Don’t you want to be your where customers are spending the majority of their time?

REASON #3: Mobile E-Commerce is Exploding

If you’re an e-commerce brand, then you absolutely must jump on the mobile train. The website eMarketer predicts that retail mcommerce (aka mobile e-commerce) in the US will reach a staggering $123.14 billion this year.

That is a 39% increase from the mcommerce sales of 2015, and a more than 50% increase from 2014 mcommerce sales.

In fact, if the numbers continue at this pace, eMarketer shows that mcommerce will account for almost 33% of all retail ecommerce sales in 2016.

If mobile is where almost one third of your potential customers are buying products, don’t you want to join that party?

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