Your Product Title Is Important

Because together with your product image, it immediately conveys to your buyer what your product is. The headline also tells Google the same thing so it knows when to show it to buyers. When creating your product title, it’s important to use the actual name of the product, along with your main keyword and other important information, such as color, model number, size, etc. Ultimately, you need to include the most important details of the product that buyers want to see. The product title field has a limit of 150 characters Google gives more weight to the words that appear first in the title, so you have to pay close attention to the structure and order of the words.

Good title: Oster PrimaLatte BVSTEM6601 automatic silver espresso machine 220V If you use a manual feed. You can create your chosen product title very carefully. If you use a feed tool, you can create rules to combine different attributes to achieve an impressive headline. As an example, you can create a rule that combines product name, brand, color, model number, size, etc. for an impressive and detailed product title. Product Description The product description is an interesting part of your feed. At first it was considered extremely important. Over time and for a few years, experts doubted its importance. Today, it is considered important again. This field is primarily visible to buyers on the Shopping tab.

Weak Title: Oster Espresso Machine

Your description is not visible on the main page of Kuwait whatsapp number list Google search results. Even though Google also scans it to make sense. If they are free tokens, they will appear in the Shopping tab, so descriptions are essential. Free tokens must have a product description so it had better be a good description. It is convenient to highlight the description and mention one or two keywords . Think about the most important features and benefits and mention them here. You will need to be fairly brief and to the point. Product description Other important aspects of the feed. Google Product Category As for the product category, it is chosen from the Google taxonomy.

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Select the one that best suits your product to help Google understand what your product is so it knows when to show it to shoppers. This is an important field, although not as important as the title or the type of product. For example, if you sell dresses, you could use the Apparel & Accessories category. But it would be more relevant to choose Clothing and Accessories > Clothes > Dresses . Google product type This is a free-form field, which means you can do pretty much anything you want inside of it. Plus, it’s been shown to have a huge impact on the keywords you appear for. So use it wisely. I recommend that you write your main keywords in the product type. The product type is not visible to buyers, only to Google.

Your Product Image Is Likely

Pictures Price aside, to influence the number of clicks your products receive more than anything else. Google prefers product images with a plain white background, but product images in their usual environment are fine too. Remember that your image will appear as a thumbnail, so make sure it’s cropped well to show the important features of your product. It is not easy to stress the importance of having good images. I recommend that you read carefully all the requirements and recommendations of Google. Product Highlights If you also sell on Amazon, think of product highlights as bullet points on your Amazon product detail pages.

You can include up to 10 highlights per product. Google recommends four to six. Each of them can contain a maximum of 150 characters. Annotation of the sale price If your product is on sale, Google will highlight this fact and note that there is a price reduction. To keep merchants honest on this point, Google requires that you have a base price (think non-sale price) that you actually charged for at least 30 non-consecutive days in the last 200 days. The selling price must be at least 5% lower, but not more than 90% lower, for Google to show the selling annotation . Product data In this section you can provide other information about the product that is not included in the other attributes. It’s a great place for technical specifications, like product dimensions or compatibility, if it’s important information that isn’t included elsewhere in the feed.


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