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Take badminton rackets as an  example. Suppose there are 100 million people in China who need to buy badminton rackets. When the business has producd 500 million Bolivia Phone Number badminton rackets, there is a phenomenon of oversupply. The goods are hoard, the demand is reduc, and the business loses the bargaining power; then, at this  time. Its pricing is naturally difficult to maintain a reasonable state, and it can only be processe or destroyed at a low price. 1.2.2 Customer Perceiv

Value Just now we look at the relationship between supply and. Also, demand from the perspective of the group (market), and now we return to the individual (customer) to see. Also, how customers judge value?

The customer’s perception of the value of a product or service is call customer-perceive value, which refers to the overall evaluation of the utility of the product.

Calculation Itself

Service after weighing the benefits that the  customer can. Also, perceive with the cost of obtaining Bolivia Phone Number the product or service. This theory makes us pay more attention to two points: one is the customer’s perception of the value obtain, and the other. Also,

is  the customer’s perception of the cost paid. For example, now you are in a bad mood Bolivia Phone Number and need to buy a beer to relax; when you walk into a commissary, you are willing to spend up to 5 yuan on a bottle of beer, but when you walk. Also, into a bar, the same beer is sold for 50 yuan. You might be willing to pay for it. why? This is relate to the customer-perceive value we mention. As shown in the figure below, when we think we feel the value of “drinking in a bar” is greater than 50 yuan, we will be willing to pay, that is.

In Addition to our


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The value of the customer in the  picture is higher than the product price. Going for a beer in an atmospheric Bolivia Phone Number setting makes us feel like we “earned”. Of course we know that a bottle of beer is only worth 5 bucks in the grocery  store,

but people are more willing to pay for the value they feel, not just the product itself.  Competitors For most startups in the Red Sea, the price of competitors’ products is the most.

Convenient and effective reference value. One is that competing products have gradually passe the test of the market and customers, and the rationality of their prices has been verifie in a short period of time; the other is that people’s judgments on the monetary value of commodities are very similar.

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