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Yet there is a negative stigma Thailand Phone Number surrounding this theme. Some organizations see the well-being of employees as a bonus, a bit of pampering that actually belongs in the free time and has little to do with real work. Is that right? Focus on well-being We are increasingly realizing that employees are the most important capital. Ann de Bisschop Thailand Phone Number shares her vision on well-being in the workplace in the book Wellbeing is profit affiliate. She clearly explains the importance of involved employees and gives examples of how Thailand Phone Number wellbeing is about structurally ensuring the well-being of all people in the organization. Today and tomorrow. What am I talking about.

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Danna and Griffin 1999 did a lot Thailand Phone Number of research on how to define well-being in the workplace. They argue that well-being at work is the result of a dimension of satisfaction (such as salary, promotion opportunities, job content and colleagues and physical and psychological health. In short: for more well-being in the Thailand Phone Number work environment, attention is needed for the satisfaction and physical and psychological health of employees. This is partly the responsibility of the employees themselves, but there is also a role for the organization. Keep work and private life separate.

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Isn’t sports something that employees should do in their spare time? And those chair massages are way too hyped, aren’t they? Something to drag in the younger generation? Perhaps, but in the book you are encourage to look high. Happiness Thailand Phone Number at work doesn’t stop after five o’clock. And if you google the phrase “my work makes me”, the suggestions are not very promising. Google Trends also indicates that the term ‘happiness at work’ has increased in popularity over the past 5 years. A reason to give this topic more attention? happiness at work well-being of employees happiness at work search term It is important to keep work and private life separate.

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